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About us

The practice

We are well established and offer spacious premises. We provide comprehensive quality dental treatment, in the heart of High Wycombe. All our dentists committed to postgraduate education and training. We have strict adherence to all Health & Safety regulations (BDA guidelines) to ensure your safety in all aspects of treatment e.g. sterilization of instruments and x-rays. Quality standards are assessed by audit. We offer sympathetic, caring nurses and reception staff to make your visit pleasurable.


It is our policy for each patient to see one dentist on a continuing basis. However, if this is not possible for any reason, suitable alternative arrangements will be made for you to see someone within the practice.

Specialist referrals

Over the years we have developed experience in all aspects of dental care, but in certain cases we may refer patients to colleagues who have special skills in certain types of treatment. For example: tooth straightening (orthodontics).

Emergency service

If you are in pain outside surgery hours, telephone the practice on the normal number. If you need to see a dentist arrangements will be made, although not necessarily with someone from this practice.

We do also offer a private only emergency weekend service with one of our own dentists. Simply ring the practice main number and listen to the recorded message to access the number for this service.

Keep us informed

From time to time we may ask you to fill in a Medical History Questionnaire to assist in our diagnosis and treatment. If you are unsure about anything please ask one of our friendly staff. If there is any service you would like us to offer or improve we would like to know.

Please also inform us of changes of address and telephone numbers.

Nervous Patients

Most people are nervous of having dental treatment. Here at JD Dental Care all our team members are continuously trained in the best ways to comfort and relax patients. We have put thought into the decoration of the practice, and offer TV & reading material to take the patients mind of things.

Music is available in the surgeries and time is taken to ensure all procedures are explained and patients are fully informed at all times of what is happening. We have found that this enables most patients to learn to relax & trust the dental team & we have had many positive cases.

Occasionally with the most nervous patient sedation is required. If this is the case we are able to refer the patient to a specialist in this field.


The practice has two fully qualified hygienists who are an important part of the team. They are adept at gently but thoroughly cleaning your teeth and giving advice on how to maintain healthy gums. This will keep your breath fresh too. They also offer air polishing which enables them to remove staining on your teeth that is otherwise not accessible to removal. This is recommended prior to tooth whitening procedures